This month we are delighted to show “STUDIO STILL LIFE”, a work by the artist ALEX CREE.

Studio Still Life
Oil on Canvas
58 x 78 cm

Alex Cree (b1982) studied painting at Canterbury Christchurch and then The Royal Drawing School, Shoreditch.  He received the Denis Mahon Award in 2011.

His training was very much in the Slade/Euston Road tradition which emphasises close looking and slow, methodical mark making.  The more recent work blends some of the decorative ideas of  Matisse, the Fauves and Expressionism, creating an odd hybrid which he jokingly calls “Faux Fauvism”

 Alex is a frequent exhibitor at the Mall Galleries, London, and is represented by the prestigious Tregony Gallery, Cornwall.

Alex Cree at the Prints & Drawings Dept, British Museum.


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